Welcome to Endometriosis Association of Malaysia
Our Services

Exhibitions & Events

MyEndosis organises talks, workshops, booth exhibition and social activities to help the community to understand the disease.

Educational Webinars

MyEndosis provides information consisting of educational webinars.

Our Hopes

Raising Awareness of Endometriosis

  • Earlier diagnosis – life long journey.
  • Medical treatment for all patients – options available.
  • Side effects on medication - evaluation of patients before medication is given.
  • Menstrual Health Education in schools - What is normal period pain and what is not normal period pain?
  • Collaboration with hospitals - Patient sharing sessions and awareness events.
  • Collaboration with regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Media work to create awareness on Endometriosis.
  • Financial assistance for treatment & Investment on emotional support.

Be Part of us

Join us and interact with others who will provide support, help, information, and advice for women with Endometriosis and their families.
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